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The 2004 re-release of the Bad News album included an additional track entitled Take 1, where the ending goes wrong and they get into an argument, with some very strong language. That erroneous ending is used to conclude the 12″ version of the track, without the fighting that follows it. The Completely Bad News DVD also includes the music video as a bonus feature. This version even has Brian May’s approval, as he was the producer for the album and played guitar on some of the tracks, and apparently even appeared on stage with them during a small show they did at London’s Marquee Club. There are also claims that John Deacon played bass and added backing vocals on the Bohemian Rhapsody cover, but there’s no clear evidence to support that. There’s also an attempt by Kermit to give abehind the scenes commentary, although chaos ensues as his friends try to get involved! And they’ve even performed the song live, accompanied by a choir, at the Hollywood Bowl& London’s O2 Arena.

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Another example can be seen fromChilton High School on 24 October 2009. Unrisen Queen – A live performance from their self-titled album. Side A – This rock band from The Philippines performed the song very well in concert, and included a performance on their album Gig All Hits Live. Queen Real Tribute – A live performance with a great orchestra and choir, live in Belgrade on 2 April 2017. The Queen Kings – A live performance by this tribute band from 2011.

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Randy Wilson – Family Tree Rhapsody – A clever version with a fun video by this family about looking into their history. House Of Raven – Bohemian Carsody – A cleverly choreographed and sped-up lip-sync video by 3 ladies in their car, that has over 30 million views. Another Youtube has slowed the clip down to normal speed as well, although the fast version actually works better. Maestro Ziikos– Using auto-tuned clips of Donald Trump to great effect, after doing the original song in the same style just a few months previously. And of course there was a certain irony to this new version later in the year.

The Protomen – From their live tribute album A Night Of Queen. It was recorded at Exit/In, Nashville, Tennessee in 10 December 2010, but the album wasn’t released until 2012 In honour of that, the group returned to Exit/In on 22 June 2012to repeat their set, where comedy rock duo Tenacious D made a surprise guest appearance midway through the song to help with the opera section. And they’ve had fun performed it at other gigs too, such as their appearance at the The 5 Spot in Nashville, Tennessee on on 8 April 2011. Night Of Queen – A live performance by the Swedish tribute band from 2015. Helloïse – A concert performance by this rock band from the Netherlands, including the operatic section performed live. The Flaming Lips – Released as a http://xn—-ctbjnzgyt.xn--p1ai/2020/12/23/when-you-see-an-online-casino-you-will-notice-2/ bonus track on the iTunes download of their 2006 album At War With The Mystics, the year after it had originally featured as one of two covers of the song on theKiller Queentribute compilation.

You Are The Champions – Fans across the world submitted footage of themselves singing and playing the song, resulting in this very nicely edited compilation posted in 2019. So in this post I wanted to share a long list of cover versions that I’ve found, divided into rough subsections to keep similar types together. I’ve compiled them into a big Youtube playlistas well (ending with a few minor covers of the album’s closing track, God Save The Queen).

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There’s also a lovely interview with 9-year-oldJoseph Sheppard, where he discusses his role in the advert and plays a bit of the tune on his electric guitar. And 8-year-old starNandi Bushell has a vlog talking about her involvement, where she’s the drummer girl who emerges from the volcano, along with her audition videowhere she sings and plays the drums.

They also performed the song live, with examples from the music festivals Claro Q É Rock 2005 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil& South By Southwest 2006 in Austin, Texas. John Lewis – An enjoyable production featuring lots of school children.

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